Who we’re looking for:

Founders with a growth mindset, working on a product-focused, globally scalable business opportunity, with early traction in the form of revenue, active users or pre-sales.

Selection Bootcamp

Shortlisted startups participate in a week-long bootcamp; a uniquely designed combination of classroom and outdoor activities where we gauge each founders’ potential to build global companies.
Here, we get to know the founders better and try to understand their mindset. We also gauge whether we’ll like working with them as our process is very mentorship driven.


Pre valley training

1. Pre-Valley Training

Curriculum infusion and assessment of startup pain-point/hurdles to growth.
Pre valley training

2. Mindset Training

Mindset training and familiarization with Valley eco-system.

Pre valley training

3. Office Hours

Deep dives and coaching with ScaleX team as well as sessions with professional life coach.
Pre valley training

4. Access to Networks

Intros with advisors/mentors in the Bay Area as well as access to relevant meetups/events.

Growth Capital

Pre valley training

Growth and Funding

Pitching to investors and tapping into other growth opportunities. Availing ScaleX technical, legal and network related support.
Pre valley training

Seed Funding

ScaleX Ventures invests in qualifying founders in the following manner:
  • Pre-seed - cheque size = $50K
  • Seed - cheque size = $200K

Startup success requires a highly qualitative, execution focused approach and this is embodied in every aspect of our program. We've coached numerous startups in the past using this approach and they now operate in global markets.