Invest in Startups

If you would like to take a concentrated bet on growth in a particular tech sector, please register to get access to our demo day. We will be giving select* investors early access to our portfolio companies before their departure to Silicon Valley.
*min cheque size – $50K

ScaleX Ventures

If you would like to take diversified exposure to our portfolio and benefit from succinct quarterly reporting, you can participate in our seed fund which is a US based LLC ensuring investor protection.

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We work with future business leaders from Pakistan.


Todaythe most successful companies use technology to create and sustain competitive advantage. In a digital-first environment, companies have to leverage technology and be agile to remain close to the customer and provide the best customer experience.


Tomorrow no aspect of business will be left untouched by technology and every company will be a tech company competing in its respective vertical. All businesses in the future will be tech businesses.